The Egg-Maniac's
Guide (to suicide)
In an attempt to deal with the biggest tragedy in his life, Bobby
tries to exorcise his ghost, almost before he realises that it is
only she who can save him from his 16 days to die...

Set in London & at sea...
An Egg-Maniac’s
- to suicide
"What I didn't realise was, under it
all, I was truly afraid of the ultimate
power. God? Allah? The Cosmic Rays?
Pelé? I wasn't sure which one was in
charge, yet I feared each of them,
just in case. Probably not Pelé
though, but you know what I mean. "
"I lay through the night sweating
in self pity. Oh, poor me!
At least tomorrow would bring
day six and a new death
sentence. So much for Abba."
"All I want is for someone or
something to tell me that I'm
allowed to end it all, or order
me to continue. But I need to
know something, anything."